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Young Singers Foundation



The Young Singers Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of young people by supporting the educational and performance opportunities in vocal music.


The Young Singers Foundation feels a well-rounded education for young people should include music. Without the opportunity to participate in music programs, youngsters are deprived of unique opportunities to develop their creativity, to learn self-discipline and team work, to increase their sense of self-worth, and to learn to live in a global society.

The need grows bigger every day, as more and more music programs are being reduced or eliminated by school systems that struggle to apportion available funds among required curriculum, extra-curricular and elective programs, payroll, and operating expenses.

The Foundation also advocates the teaching of music in the schools. By its example, it hopes to show the way for generous and growing support for music education and music educators among those in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Foundation endorses the music education standards set by the National Association for Music Education (NAfMC).

For more information, visit the Young Singers Foundation website.

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