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One Voice, One Message Across the Globe

Join us in January 2016 for the next Global Open House!

With membership always at the forefront, International Headquarters continues to support a global membership drive in January and September each year. We hope you participate in another motivating Global Open House event this January to support our efforts in raising awareness of our extraordinary organization. We are excited to bring Sweet Adelines together again in January 2016 in a combined effort to spread harmony and share the joy of singing by opening your doors to women across the globe.

If you were one of the many chapters that participated in the previous Global Open House campaigns, you know as well as anyone the opportunity this campaign provides. The combination of the global theme, cohesive branding, selling propositions, promotional offers and most of all, YOUR relentless efforts, has resonated with women around the globe. With such an overwhelming response from the membership and general public, it only made sense to continue these efforts each year. 

This campaign has true potential to broaden awareness around the world, bring Sweet Adelines together like never before, amplify the unity of the organization, tighten bonds between members no matter the distance, and uplift spirits.

The flexible nature of the campaign – along with the assortment of membership/marketing resources that International provides – makes it easy to be involved. From planning to implementation and evaluation, all of the work is done and ready for you to put into action. Here’s a glimpse of what you will find at your fingertips:

The International Website

Invite-A-Friend feature
• A new user-friendly, Google-based chapter search

The Members Only Marketing Center

• New templates, including directional/yard signs and business cards plus new photo choices added to the Multi-Ad template customization web program – click here to create your own advertising
• Advertising samples, press coverage, website samples and social media promotions from the inaugural Global Open House
• Press release template for performances
• Social media training materials
• :15, :30 and :60 PSA script samples
• Media kit template materials
• Applied Membership Campaign plans from Sweet Adelines chapters
• The Real Guide to Growth handbook
• An assortment of archived webinars
• International-branded templates for newspaper ads, brochures, flyers, posters, etc. all ready for customization in the online Multi-Ad builder
• International graphics/logos ready for download
• Teach The World To Sing Global promotional videos

Social Media Marketing

A Facebook Global Event Page
• Targeted Facebook advertising


Attracting Younger Members webinar
What’s New in 2012/2013? Sweet Adds! Incentive Campaign and The January 2013 Global Event
Social Media - How To Make It Work For You
Sweet Adds! and September Global Open House

And more ...

• I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing sheet music now available within the new Mass Sing Songbook through International Sales
• Fun merchandise for members to purchase that shows your Sweet Adelines spirit through International Sales


Participation from our chapters and regions at the grassroots level is the ultimate key to preserving and strengthening this organization. Remember the old saying, “There is power in numbers”? Imagine the global footprint you could make and the number of eyes you could open to this spectacular world if every Sweet Adelines member joins in our global campaign! The potential is there, the time is now, and the results will be astonishing!

And don't forget about the Sweet Adds! Membership Incentive campaign! All current members can be rewarded for their recruitment efforts. For more information about the Sweet Adds! Membership Incentive Campaign, click here.

Grassroots Marketing

In its simplest definition, grassroots marketing means to market your organization on a local and personal level—friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor. This is your organization, and it counts on you to spread the word and influence others. With people spending more time online, traditional television, media and radio advertising doesn’t have the impact it once did. An overabundance of advertisements at every turn has led people to generally ignore, avoid, become oblivious or simply be unimpressed by advertising techniques. It makes perfect sense, especially for Sweet Adelines International, to use this marketing approach, where outsiders are receiving personal recommendations from the people who know this organization best - YOU. Grassroots marketing plays a significant role in the sustenance of this organization, and its future relies heavily on the efforts of our members.

Are you now wondering where to begin or what you can do to start your grassroots marketing efforts? Well, here are some basic ideas for you to get started:

5 Grassroots Marketing Approaches

1. Visit local church and community choirs and let them know you are looking for singers to audition for an upcoming performance or event (this will give potential members an opportunity to get to know your chorus and offers the potential to bring them in long-term).

2. Create a contact list of former members, guests, community representatives, media contacts, friends, family, etc., and contact them by e-mail (or even better, by phone) to let them know you are recruiting new singers – you would love for them to audition or at least recommend to you someone they know.

3. Contact your local university, college and high school choir directors to tell them about your chorus, persuade them to visit a rehearsal or performance and invite their students.

4. Make a list of community events that your chorus can become active participants in, and pursue these events as a means of increasing community awareness to become more well-known and ultimately encourage women to join.

5. Begin contributing to online community discussion groups, email lists, Facebook pages, blogs,, etc., to promote your chorus with excitement and enghusiasm as you invite others to learn more about us.

We genuinely believe that your support and participation in the Global Membership Drive – including the  Global Open House events and the Sweet Adds! Membership Incentive Campaign – is the ultimate key to preserving and strengthening our organization. This is our chance to secure the future of Sweet Adelines International and inspire women across the globe.

Let’s do it again with One Voice, One Message!

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