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The Pitch Pipe Magazine

The Pitch Pipe is the official magazine of Sweet Adelines International. It is published quarterly in January, April, July and October.  All four issues are published and distributed via hard copy and digitally to members and subscribers via email.

The Pitch Pipe Lite is a quarterly digital only magazine published in February/March, May/June, August/September and November/December. As of October 2012, The Pitch Pipe Lite has been discontinued. Archived issues are still available in the Members Only Marketing Center.

The subscription price for Sweet Adelines International members is included in the annual per capita fee.

Current and archived issues of The Pitch Pipe and The Pitch Pipe Lite are available electronically in the Education and Marketing Centers of the Members Only area for members of Sweet Adelines International.

Direct all correspondence, editorial copy and photographs (photographs will only be returned if sent with a SASE) to:
Jennie Lloyd
The Pitch Pipe
9110 S. Toledo
Tulsa, OK 74137

The Pitch Pipe editors and staff reserve the right to edit articles for appropriateness, length, content and correctness. Feature articles such as educational, health and music may be reviewed and discussed with the Editorial Review Board. Submissions regarding member achievements, special performances, competitions, chapter celebrations, etc. will be reviewed by The Pitch Pipe staff and will only be held for six months. We receive hundreds of article submissions each year and regrettably cannot publish all articles we receive. Feature articles must not exceed 1,000 words; all other articles must not exceed 500 words. Article submissions without accompanying photographs or art will not likely be published. Photographs must be high quality and in focus. Articles we consider for The Pitch Pipe must be accompanied by high resolution (at least 300 dpi) photographs. Please submit your article with a suggested headline and photo captions. Headlines and photo captions may be changed at the discretion of The Pitch Pipe editors.

• When submitting articles for publication, do not include formatting such as right justification, bolding, centering, etc. Straight text with NO formatting is desired.

• Quartet names are small capped.

• International champions are referred to as such: International Champion Quartet and International Champion Chorus.

• Italicize song titles. Do not place in quotation marks. Capitalize each word of the song.

• Do not shorten Sweet Adelines International to SAI because it refers to another music organization. The preferred initial reference is SA.

Especially at Sweet Adelines International: Do not capitalize titles such as judge specialist, committee member, director, secretary, etc., unless it precedes a person’s name.

Sweet Adelines words and phrases (from the in-house style guide):

a cappella
art form
International Headquarters
real women. real harmony. real fun.

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